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Intensive breathing meditation

The Quantum Light Breath (QLB), developed by Jeru Kabbal, is an intensive breathing meditation with specific music. Jeru Kabbal was a contemporary mystic, and uniquely connected Eastern wisdom and spiritual practice with Western psychology and culture.

By combining full deep breathing and inspiring music, QLB creates an intense meditation process. You give yourself, as it were, a shower of energy and purify body, mind and soul. Old emotions and memories can be processed and released. The contact with the inner silence is restored, allowing natural healing to take place. Your pure life energy is released. The breath unites you every moment with the Here and Now. The meditation is one of the most special I know. Meditation is mainly aimed at releasing that in our subconscious mind that prevents us from living in complete freedom.

“We as adults still live from the experiences and conditioning of our (early) childhood. While this is no longer necessary. On the contrary, it often works against us. It throws us off balance.” – Jeru Kabbal

For most of your life we ​​act from the unconscious. According to Jeru Kabbal 99% on a very clear day. If you don’t consciously do something about it, the unconscious will just keep doing what it thinks is best. Getting to know the workings and contents of the unconscious is the first step to freedom. Your unconscious is trying to protect you. Sometimes in situations where you (as an adult) no longer need protection. It is part of your natural defense system. It’s just a little neurotic because it lives in the past.

The Quantum Light Breath is always given the first time under the guidance of a meditation coach so that he can support you in the potentially intense process. The complete meditation from introduction to relaxation takes about an hour. You are invited to inhale and exhale deeply through the mouth. The idea is to breathe deeply into your lungs, causing your abdominal wall to expand. You breathe continuously, without interruption. You may well experience physical sensations during meditation, such as differences in heat or cold, tingling and also cramps in your fingers.

After having done the guided meditation, it is time to get started at home and do the meditation once every two weeks.

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