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Start creating reality from the heart

Why the 21-days of Abundance meditation challenge by Deepak Chopra creates what you want, but also what you DON’T want? Find out now! Many have experienced this… Deepak Chopra uses almost the same instrument that the creation has being done through, as The Secret. The mind, the brain. A polarised tool. With this, it is possible to bring to you what you want with your intentions. But what you will also get is the exact equal opposite force coming from behind you.

Yes the process of this meditation challenge of Deepak Chopra is absolutely an opportunity to learn how to devote time to yourself and your personal development each and every day. The goal is to get to know yourself better, to change or clarify your values and intentions. But, it is all focussed on mind-creation rather than heart-creation.

Drunvalo Melchizedek explains in the video below how to create from the heart without polarity.

At the former website of Dharma Garden Retreat Center we shared the challenge to share with you a spiritual journey that positively influenced the life and consciousness of many, we thought at that time. From our perspective back then, it was a contribution to abundance and collective consciousness. The aim was to discover true happiness and abundance in the life of all.

The 21 day meditation commitment of Deepak Chopra is about changing your mindset to one of abundance and realising you are capable of having anything you desire.

Now, a couple of years later, of those who had a positive influence in their lives from the challenge, almost all discovered clearly the other side of the coin, maybe even more massively and intense. It has become clear that there is much more to it to create abundance. That it all starts from the purity of the heart. Not the head. The brain is limiting. The knowledge, love and abundance from the heart, is limitless.

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